Laundry and [Life]

Laundry and [Life]

I was doing laundry the other day when I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation someone was having on the other side of the door. 

This person is probably two times my senior. 

Although we have never met, I felt drawn to her sadness. Her anger. Her desperation.


We all long for human connection. That’s what makes us human. 

I’ve tried to avoid it, because, well, it’s sticky. Someone and something will always let you down. 

And while I’m sitting here doing my laundry, listening to this woman’s longing for companionship, for human connection, for something to go right no matter how hard she tries…

I can’t help but think that all of us are a bit isolated.

Afraid of this because of that. 

I made a vow to my 2010 self-destructive self to take chances, despite the fear and uncertainty, because eventually, that one chance you take, ends up beautifully. Maybe. 

And here we are. Living in the same house, under the same roof, doing laundry at the same time, with the same struggles and desperation for someone to understand, or just listen


we’ve never even met. 


There’s a girl down the street less than a third my age, 

And she gives me hope. 

A conversation with her takes me back to my youth...although I guess some could say I'm still in my "youth," but life circumstances will tell you differently - 

the times when my dad says I was fun and always laughing, carefree,


something happened. 

She gives me hope for life, and hope for myself, 



that a 7-year old child gives me hope that one day things will be better 

even just in my own life.


I long for those days when I was laughing and carefree, those days my dad describes me as "fun to be around." 

I didn’t even realize the simplicity of it all. The serenity. 

And here I am wishing it was back. 

Someday, when I am two times my senior, am I going to be wishing I realized my worth, today?
It's not that easy. 
That's what age and regret are for. 

I think the answer to it all is finding that same peace amidst all the shit life throws at you. 

But, listening helps put things in perspective. Life may be shit and life may be great, but perspective is what matters, whether you're 50 years young or 7 years old. 

Maybe we wouldn't be so isolated if it was the norm to be ourselves...all of us, the laughter and the pain. 

But, then we're just crazy. Or so they say. 

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